Agricultural products inspection

Agricultural product trade is always dynamic. Verificae’s range of inspection services ensures the cleanliness and integrity of your cargo at every stage of the supply chain, making sure they reach the final destination with the agreed quantity and quality parameters. 

From pre-shipment to export, we inspect storage facilities and monitor your goods throughout the transportation process. We perform cleanliness inspections to make sure that storage units are free from odor, moisture, foreign matters, previous cargo residues or pest infestation. Our independent surveys and reports provide documentation for possible damage investigations.

Loading/unloading supervision services have been developed in response to increasingly demanding markets, reducing possible mishandling of cargo and thus costly claims.

Below please find a list of agricultural product related services, which our team is read to offer you:

  • Quality and quantity control
  • Sampling 
  • Pre loading and post discharge Survey
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Supervision of stowage
  • Loss prevention and risk assessment
  • Cargo damage survey and appraisal
  • On – Off Hire and Bunker Survey
  • P&I Survey

Additional services:

Container loading supervision service

Aiming to ensure that products are loaded and secured correctly and may cover: 

  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Quantity verification
  • Traceability of products – including verification of production codes, plant numbers and stock numbers against a packing list or invoice
  • Verification of external and internal operating conditions of containers
  • Photographs of packing and loading/unloading processes, along with documentation of any damage observed during loading/unloading
  • Documentation of container, vessel and seal number
  • Container sealing, which will reduce the risk of substation and theft

Stock monitoring services

When the financing party needs additional certainty regarding the financed goods,  Verificae’s team will determine their status and quantity at the agreed time and location. This ensures that damage, loss or alienation of goods are identified as quickly as possible and remedial actions – including insurance claims, if appropriate – taken promptly, sensibly reducing the financing party’s operation risks.

Why choose us:

  • 20 years of experience in agricultural products supply chain with extensive knowledge of the domestic Port of Koper dry bulk and fruit terminal 
  • Professional, independent and skilled pool of inspectors, acting according to the relevant international standards 
  • Quick and responsive execution of agreed scope of services
  • We are not the biggest, we are not the cheapest, but we are for sure the one who will mostly care to deliver the highest quality of services within the agreed timeframe